Fun homeschooling ideas

Apr 25, 2014

Homeschooling your child at home can be such an enjoyable experience for both parent as well as child. There are so many fun things that you can do and at the same time teach! Here are 10 fun homeschooling ideas to help brighten up your learning day:

  1. Take a trip to the kitchen and bake something yummy for the day.  Be sure to double or triple the recipe to help reinforce math skills.
  2. Have a game day.  Most every game has some sort of educational value to it.  Need something simple?  Teach your child how to play war with a deck of cards.  You can even reinforce basic math skills by flipping 2 cards and have your child add or subtract the numbers to see who wins the duel.
  3. Go on a nature hunt and explore your back yard.  Lift up a rock and find worms, discover tadpoles in the pond.  Grab a few different kinds of leaves.  Look up at the sky and learn the different types of clouds.  Talk about the water cycle and how it works.
  4. Practice memorization and speaking skills by having your child learn a poem,  “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”  by Robert Frost is an excellent one for young learners.
  5. After lunch, go out and have “gym class” by taking a bike ride together.  Talk with your child about things, listen to what they say.
  6. Have a fun art day.  Set up lots of different art supplies, paints, glitter, glue, play dough and let your child create.  Take it outside for Mom’s sanity.
  7. Take a blanket and sit under a tree and read a book together for a change of scenery.
  8. Have a book theme day.  Choose a favorite book and find different foods, games, or ideas that you can do based upon the book.  Get creative.
  9. Teach your child the art of hospitality by baking some cookies, making some crafts, and delivering them to an elderly neighbor.
  10. Look up what National day it is and celebrate by learning at . Children love National Ice Cream Day especially when they learn how to make it homemade.

Next time you are in a rut, choose one, two, or ten of these ideas to help “liven” up your homeschooling day.  Are you looking for a homeschooling community to learn and share ideas with?  Click here for more information…