How Does Homeschooling Work?

Mar 7, 2014

For some of you, the topic of homeschooling might be something new that you have heard more parents are doing these days.  It could be considered the new “fad.”  But in essence homeschooling has been around since the beginning of time.  What did our ancestors do before there were public schools?  They home educated their children.   This has been a revival in parent’s hearts to help take charge and train their child towards a more complete education and instill moral and values into their lives.

Think of home educating your child as a personalized journey of learning.  Instead of your child being forced to sit in a classroom 6-8 hours a day, your child is free to learn about their world on an individualized approach.    Learning takes on a whole new meaning, while they may learn some information from books, most of it will come from real life and hands on learning.  Your child will get the opportunity to explore the world through their eyes.  They will get to form their own opinions about things in life that matter.  They will get to explore different viewpoints on a subject instead of being taught only one biased way.

They will not become close minded individuals.  Instead, will start looking at life from a different perspective.   They will want to know why and how things work and who says so?  They will question things, wanting to know a deeper understanding of life.

All this can happen once you shut off the tablets, take away social media, turn off the television and let your child start exploring.  Sure it will take a few days of “weaning them from their electronic devices.” But once you do, your child will start wanting to learn about things.  You will see a difference in your child’s attitude, how they interact with their siblings, and how much better they will start to get along with the family.  They will start to question things that you can start looking up together.

You can use every opportunity in life as a learning basis.  We all learn each and every day.  You can take all that you do in your day and share that with your child.  Throw in a little reading, writing, and arithmetic and you have a full fledged curriculum–for the younger half.  For the older ones, give them real life circumstances.  Let them help figure them out.  Nothing is better than real life examples, successes and failures.

Homeschooling should really be called life schooling.  Because you are preparing your child for life.  In a school classroom they will teach you all the book smarts in hopes that your child will understand.  But in home schooling you will get the book smarts as well as the moral and ethical smarts that go along with a complete understanding of life.  Your child will be a much rounded individual when you help mold their lives in this positive learning way.

Is homeschooling for everyone? That is something that you will have to decide in your family.  For those parents that want something more out of life and want to really connect as a family unit, then YES homeschooling may be for them.

So to answer my title question….How does homeschooling work?  It is a parent directed with child inspired learning approach.  It requires MOTIVATION on both the parent and child.  A positive self motivated learning approach will help with success in training your child.  You as a parent have to want more and better for your child in order for homeschooling to work.