I don’t want to leave my child at school…Homeschooling options for moms

Mar 14, 2014

Your child, is the most precious thing on earth.  You nurture, love, and protect your child up until the age of 3.  Then you start hearing “well meaning” friends ask the question, “So, when is Junior  going to start preschool?”  Then dread starts filling your heart………my child, this precious little one, heading out into the world with other children.  What if kids tease him?  What if he gets confused? What if they don’t understand how my child learns?

Then the day comes, the first day of school, you drop off your child and you go home.  Most every mom, goes home in tears.  Why???  Because here is this entrusted little life that you have tried to mold and protect for so long and now it is in the hands of strangers.  Does it really have to be this way?

NO WAY!!!!!

Back up the bus.  You have other options.  Sending your child to preschool at age 3 is not the ONLY way to educate your child.  You have the freedom and the responsibility as a parent to teach your child yourself.  How might you ask? By home educating your child.  Yes, you can, keep your precious little one home with you and teach them yourself.

But what if I am not educated enough? A real question you might ask.  Most every curriculum comes with a teachers copy with answers to help you teach your child.  Some will even give you word for word what to write on the blackboard or what to ask your child or how to explain things to your child.  Do not fear teaching your child.  Know that there are options for those that aren’t educated themselves.  The internet is full of in depth explanation.  Many homeschooling support groups will have options for helping you to teach your child.  There is even internet classes with real instructors to help your child.

Do not choose “not” to homeschool out of fear because you are uneducated.  Educate yourself and know that there are other options for those mom’s that don’t want to leave their children in the hands of a stranger but do so because there is no other option.  You can do this….let us help you.  Click here to  learn your options…https://www.myhomeschoolroadmap.com/