Save Money Homeschooling

Apr 4, 2014

When we first started homeschooling  years ago, I was amazed at how much curriculum was out there.  I received numerous magazines with hundreds of different curriculum choices.  It can be overwhelming especially for a new homeschooling parent.  The quest to find the perfect curriculum can be a daunting task. One that you might invest a fortune in only to find out 3 months down the road that it isn’t at ALL what you expected it to be.

Over the years we have used it all.  Here are some that we have tried:

  • textbooks
  • workbooks
  • dvd series
  • unit study approaches
  • literature based learning
  • hands on learning
  • online learning

While there are many options to choose from it is important that you choose the right tools for you and your child. Choosing the right tools can be a fun and exciting journey for both you and your child. Choosing these tools does not require a lot of investment though.

In years past, many families have had to cut back due to economic conditions moving many homeschooling parents to look to the internet as a wealth of knowledge for minimal investment (or free if you access it from your local library!).

Do you know that you can create your OWN full year curriculum with a little time and internet searching?  In turn, the curriculum will fit your child’s interest and learning style while providing you an effective and inexpensive alternative to purchasing textbooks.  All you need is a little vision and a search engine…and you are off and running!

In addition to saving in curriculum homeschooling is also a great way to save on:

  • clothing—not having to keep up with the new “fads”
  • food–no need to pack individual lunches, we can make pots of cheaper foods
  • gas money- not driving to every activity or school drop offs
  • doctor appointments—fewer contact with sick children, less sickness
  • social events—yes we do social activities but not as high end as public school.  For example:  proms, flowers, uniforms, etc.

There are many opportunities to teach and learn right in your community where you can plan inexpensive (or free) field trips as well.  Listen for opportunities on the radio and  seek out local events as a means of looking for the perfect teaching moments.

Know your options—homeschooling can be FREE or very low cost.