Talking to YOUR kids about the corona virus

Mar 16, 2020

Schools are closed. So are restaurants and bars.  Employers are asking their employees to work from home. Church services are online. University classrooms are all online. Our nation’s leaders are asking that we stay away from crowded areas. What’s being recommended is that we all stay home because of the fast moving coronavirus.  

Can I just say…can you see the “gift” in this?  We’re now forced to be together.  To be home together.  To have “time” to bond.  When families are normally apart for at least 10 straight hours every single day, we now have time to spend “together.”

But you may be thinking, “I’m just not ready for this. This is all so new to me so even though I probably should be glad my kids are home I’m not feeling so grateful.”  I get it.  Don’t feel guilty.  

Life all over the world has become disruptive in a matter of days as a result of the coronavirus.  And every day it’s changing.  You’re feeling out of control!  Now if you add caring for your kids and juggling work at home, you can’t help but feel heavy anxiety, fear and chaos.  

Try to answer your child’s questions honestly and clearly.  It’s okay if you can’t answer everything; being available to your child is what matters.