Top 10 Reasons to Homeschool your Child

Apr 11, 2014

There are many reason why I believe that you should homeschool your child…but I didn’t want to bore you with ALL of them. So I decided to share with you the top 10 reasons why you should homeschool your child….and here they are:

  1. The learning is customized not standardized based on each child’s performance.
  2. Better safety for your child.  For example, school shootings, drug use, violence in schools, etc.
  3. Independence is valued over dependence.  In home school settings a child is taught to be creative, to explore and to learn new things.  The child doesn’t have to wait to be told what to do by the instructor.  In a home school setting a child is taught to question things or look at things from a different perspective.  In a school setting, children are taught to be compliant individuals who aren’t allowed to question authority.
  4. No debt inducing back to school sales!!! You can wear your pajamas all day if you want to!
  5. You the parent have the freedom of what to teach your child, no worries of governments in control of brainwashing your child.
  6. No more meaningless worksheets and reports.
  7. No need to waste time preparing for standardized tests that mean absolutely NOTHING.
  8. Instead of just reading about something in a textbook you actually can do it.  You have the option to explore through hands on learning, by taking a virtual tour online, or digging further on a topic through an internet search.
  9. If your child is a slow learner, you can work with that.  If your child is an advanced learner, you can work with that too.  It is amazing what that will do for a child’s self confidence level, instead of being put in the “special” classes.
  10. Being able to spend all of your day around people that love and care about you the most.  No worry about bullies, or the “mean kids.”  Only positive parenting and love from home.

Are you convinced that homeschooling can be a rewarding experience for both you and your child? Are you ready to get started? Alternative Education At Home is here to help you with the next steps… here…..