Worried about your child’s safety at school?

Apr 18, 2014

When parents are concerned for their child’s safety in a public school situation, they need to act swiftly and accordingly based upon the best situation for their child.  Most of the time, what works best is to remove that child from a potentially bad situation.  If your child is already in a high-stress situation, use caution when removing them from school.

First you need to research and learn your states home school laws.  A great place to start when you are wanting to learn about your state’s laws is at https://www.afhe.org/.  Be sure to follow the proper steps in removing your child from school to avoid any type of legal action against yourself.     Talk to your child about what it is you plan on doing.  Be gentle about concerns that they might have.  Talk about the dangers going on and why you are removing them from school.

Remember any type of move from one thing to another will be difficult at first.  Go easy, give your child a time of transitioning to get used to being home.  It might be weeks, it might be months.  Know that they have time to adjust.  Have fun with your child, take the first few weeks and just enjoying spending time together.  Learn to relate to one another.  Play games, read books, talk and discuss things.  Once your child feels comfortable and wants to continue with schooling, start out slowly.  Be kind, be patient, this is all an adjustment for them as well.  Learn to smile and laugh at things.

Schooling at home is a new, different path of life, one that you will enjoy if approached with a positive outlook and one of open mindness.  You may not be able to protect your child against every possible danger in life.  But you can protect them as best you can by taking a positive approach to educating them yourself.  Do you want to learn more about educating your child at home? Are you looking for a step by step easy to follow roadmap….click here https://www.myhomeschoolroadmap.com/