What kind of a commitment would be required?

Desire to help transform the lives of 8 people max (including yourself) looking for connection and community.  Meeting virtually and/or in-person weekly or every other week in an effort to create a space where people can be real and build trust with each other. You must feel comfortable leading a group toward growth, healing and wholeness.

How long is my commitment?

We’re asking at least 4 months. But our hope is that your Journey Group forms a deep friendship and bond that you’ll desire to stick together for a long time.

Will I be leading with someone?

Yes. We prefer the co-leader is chosen from someone within the group.

You and your co-leader are expected to lead each session, unless an emergency arises.

Your co-leader’s role is to support you by assisting you with tasks aimed at making everyone in your group feel cared for such as weekly check-ins by email, texts and/or phone calls, taking notes, sending reminders and tracking progress.

How are participants chosen?

A variety of ways:  personal contact, partnering with organizations and nonprofits, word of mouth and leaders like you who desire to bring together a group of people looking for connection and community.

Will you be following a book or agenda?

Yes. We will provide a simple agenda (SOAR) for you to follow as well as make book suggestions.  Ultimately, however, we encourage that you and your Journey Group together decide what’s best.

Will training be provided?

Yes. Training will be online with 5 videos less than 3 minutes each. If you filled out an application and  accepted by SCJ to become a Journey Group Leader, you’ll have access to the training videos right away.

As a leader, we will invest in your personal and professional growth by providing year-long training to better equip you in reaching your goals.

3-Day Retreats?

Your group will be invited to attend a 3-Day Intensive Retreat two times a year. 

These retreats are an opportunity for all the Journey Groups to come together and experience a deeper life change transformation.

We require that your Journey Group has been meeting at least 1 month to be invited.

Registration costs will be waived for Journey Group Leaders and Co-leaders.


SCJ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with Journey Group Leaders serving as volunteers.  No fees will be required but we hope each participant will eventually be a partner in SCJ’s work of bringing connection and community within the U.S. and beyond.

Next Steps



If you’re interested in becoming a Journey Group Leader, you’ll need to apply.


You’ll be notified within 48 hours whether we’d be interested in having you on our team. If so, we’ll schedule a virtual interview with leadership.


If approved, you’ll have access to our online training and guide you to your next steps.

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