What kind of a commitment would be required?

If you desire to live the best version of yourself, we invite you to become a part of a Journey Group whose mission is connection and community.

You will regularly meet with 8 people to find healing and wholeness around a common struggle.

Together, you’ll decide how often you’ll meet and whether it’s virtual and/or in-person.

Expect a space where you can feel seen and heard without judgment.

When we are real and transparent we create a safe environment where you can be your true and genuine self.

We meet you where you are on your journey with tenderness, gentle guidance and compassionate accountability to help you reach your goals.

We honor you and your story by seeing where you are in your strengths as well as your struggles.

You will be met with kindness and grace allowing for a safe place to find clarity and growth.

We listen because we care. We believe it’s more important for us to hear and understand you than it is for us to speak and be understood.

We believe that no matter who you are, what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, there is hope and healing available for you. 



How long is my commitment?

We’re asking at least 4 months. But our hope is that your Journey Group forms a deep friendship and bond that you’ll desire to stick together for a long time.

How are the participants chosen?

A variety of ways:  personal contact, partnering with organizations and nonprofits, word of mouth and participants like you who desire to bring together a group of people looking for connection and community.

Can I join a Journey Group with a friend?

We don’t encourage it because we want you to have the freedom to share whatever is in your heart.  That’s often easier to do when you’re meeting with a group that is getting to know one another for the first time.



Will you be following a book or agenda?

Yes. We will provide a simple agenda (SOAR) for you to follow as well as make book suggestions.  Ultimately, however, we encourage that you and your Journey Group together decide what’s best.

3-Day Intensive Retreats?

Your Journey Group will be invited to attend a 3-Day Intensive Retreat two times a year.

These retreats are an opportunity for all the Journey Groups to come together and experience a deeper life change transformation.

We require that your Journey Group has been meeting at least 1 month to be invited.

Registration and lodging will be the responsibility of the participants.


There are NO FEES to become part of a Journey Group.

SCJ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with Journey Group leaders and co-leaders serving as highly selected and trained volunteers along with the entire leadership team.

We invite our participants to be partners in SCJ’s work of bringing connection and community within the U.S. and beyond.

Next Steps



Join a Journey Group and provide your name, email and the type of group you’re looking for so we can connect with you.


You’ll be notified within 48 hours whether we have a Journey Group that is a good fit for you.


When we connect you with a Journey Group expect your leader and/or co-leader to contact you.

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