Parent Huddle April 2022

Soul Care Journey

Join us for a Parent Huddle!

Parent Huddles are a chance to connect and share any of your insights, thoughts, feelings on topics such as child health, school safety, and more with other parents and caregivers across the state.

Come and learn what you can do as parents, caregivers and/or educators to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing and knowing where to go for help!


This Month's Topic:

How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Your Devices

Our devices make it so easy to find answers elsewhere that many of us forget to ask deep questions of ourselves. This lack of uninterrupted introspection creates a very human problem: the anxiety of not knowing oneself.

The more the culture equates knowledge with data and social life with social media, the less time is spent on the path of wisdom, a path that always requires a good quotient of self-awareness. 

A lot of the anxiety we’re experiencing may be the agony of not having a clue about who who we are. 

This Parent Huddle will focus on how we can create healthy boundaries around our devices that we can’t seem to live without. 

Engagement Host

Sandi Cimino serves families by supporting them in identifying and building on their strengths to flourish in the face of challenges and adversity where she serves as a coach for Parent Led Academy. Sandi has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, with a concentration in Family Sociology.  She has worked in the social services field for over 30 years with educators and service providers primarily in the areas of child welfare, early childhood and K-12 education.  She has a passion for assisting parents in experiencing less stress and more joy in their families. Sandi lives in Phoenix, AZ with her husband, two children, and one furry family member.

Engagement Host | Dad Perspective

Ramiro “Ray” Villa serves as a coach for Parent Led Academy.  Ray was the former Executive Director for the Community Alliance Against Family Abuse (CAAFA) in Apache Junction. CAAFA supported survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence through comprehensive serves. 

Ray is also a retired Police Lieutenant for the City of Chandler Police Department where he served for 21 years. He was a crisis negotiator for the SWAT Team for 18 yrs. and served most of his career in criminal investigations.  Ray speaks fluent Spanish.

Resources for Parents & Teachers


Wednesday, April 28



7pm-8pm Pacific Time


Zoom Video Call

Four Areas of Transformation


Parents will have the opportunity to share what’s on their mind regarding each topic below during virtual breakout rooms where they can feel safe to share.

Come with your tough questions and we’ll offer you solutions and resources to help you on your journey.


Let’s Huddle!

The Arizona School Health & Wellness Coalition and the Parent Led Academy hope to see you then!

For any questions, please contact Marissa Leinart at or Scott Turner at

Recording of Past Huddle