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Soul Care Journey

2 Ways to Give

Become a monthly “Soul Care Partner” for $30/mo, or give a one time donation to become a PLA Champion

Be an “SEL” Champion

When you partner with us for any amount, you’re playing a part in helping parents and their kids become socially & emotionally healthy using Strengths-Based SEL (Social-Emotional Learning).



  • Equipping youth & adults in the U.S. & Philippines
  • Connecting a caring, consistent & trusted Coach for one-on-ones
  • Bridging together groups of parents & kids to identify their strengths which helps identify their emotions through SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) 

Become a Soul Care Monthly Partner

Your $30 tax-deductible Donation provides:

  • Coaching for the parent as we help them understand who they are, why they do what they do and operating with a focus on what they do best – their strengths!
  • Coaching for the child no matter what age. Having a caring adult LISTENING TO UNDERSTAND is our priority.
  • A Caring Coach will guide parent & child to “GROW” individually then serve as the bridge to restoration and healing.
  • You’ll hear the testimonies of what God is doing in families you’ve invested in while still maintaining confidentiality.