Teacher Huddle

Soul Care Journey

Join us for a Teacher Huddle!

Teacher Huddles are a chance for teachers to connect and share their wins, concerns and honest feelings in a safe space where no one is judged but heard. Where teachers can remain anonymous and their comments confidential.

We understand most teachers can hardly find time to go to the bathroom much less attend an online huddle when most of your time is spent trying to catch up.

What if you took time to care for your mental health choosing that to surround yourself with like-minded teachers who can provide the encouragement and support you need to make it through this often challenging journey!

There’s no cost to you but your time, 30 minutes once a month to slow down and think…about what’s happening inside that’s causing you to experience burnout, anguish or numbness about your life.

One thing for sure, you’re not meant to journey alone. You need someone to come alongside you who cares…really CARES!

So won’t you join us?  🙂


This Month's Topic:

Parents often feel powerless when it comes to school issues, but there is actually a lot we can do for our children in terms of advocacy. 

As a parent, you are a vital partner to your child’s school community!

Join us to learn different ways you can be involved with your child’s school, advocate for changes, and how to share your ideas. 

You know and understand your child better than anyone else. If people are making decisions for and about your child, you can help to make sure these decisions are in your child’s best interests.

Education experts will share simple things parents can do right now to advocate for their kids.


Customized for Partner School



Customized for Partner School


Customized for Partner School

Let’s Huddle!

The Arizona School Health & Wellness Coalition and the Parent Led Academy hope to see you then!

For any questions, please contact Marissa Leinart at mom@parentledacademy.org.