5 Quick Start homeschooling suggestions

May 2, 2014

Getting started on homeschooling your child can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 quick start suggestions to get you started on homeschooling your child:

Step 1.  Look up your states homeschooling laws.  Learn what it is you have to do to legally teach your children.  It may mean testing, or reporting information to an official.  Be informed so that you are not surprised later on when you have to create a portfolio at the end of the year.  Yikes!

Step 2. Research your homeschooling options.  There are many different ways to homeschool your child from traditional learning, to internet based, to classical teaching.  Research and decide which type of schooling would be beneficial for your family. 

Step 3 Contact your local homeschool group.  You can find great support at these.  They have many resources and lots of “professional” homeschooling Moms to help you along your path to homeschooling.  They usually include social activities for children to engage in as well.

Step 4 Choose your curriculum.  Your local library can help with some free books.  There are many homeschooling catalogs which offer a variety of homeschool items to purchase.  Do some research online.  There are many free courses, worksheets, videos, websites, games, etc online that work just as well as expensive curriculums will cost you.  This part takes some time to do.  Be patient and explore to help choose the best one suited for your family.

Step 5 Set up your homeschool space.  Organize an area in your home that will be dedicated to homeschooling.  Set it near the computer to allow access to information.   Make some posters or learning charts for the walls.  Make some goals charts.  Maybe you want to make a reward chart for every math fact family your child learns.  Set goals that they can accomplish.  Set up a calendar with some field trips and outings planned on it.  Make it a point to do some social gathering with your child.  Plan for it so that it does not get pushed aside.

Now you are ready to begin schooling your child.  Click here to connect with another homeschooling mom who can help you to get off to a great start…https://www.myhomeschoolroadmap.com/