Can I homeschool my child without fear of “messing up”

May 9, 2014

This is a question that you can ponder deep down and think about.  It is a big one.  Will the decisions I make as a parent negatively affect my child for the rest of his/her life?  You need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel confident that my child will receive a teacher that has my child’s best interest at heart while teaching and training him?
  • Do I know for a fact that the teacher or curriculum that is being taught will not teach against my beliefs, values, or motives?
  • Do I know that my children will be placed in a social setting that I feel comfortable for him/her to be in?
  • Do I know that if my child has a particularly different learning style that that will become his/her teachers number one priority to make sure my child learns at his greatest level?
  • Do I know that if my child does not particularly understand something, that his/her teacher will make sure to take the time to efficiently explain the “how to” to my child?
  • Do I feel confident that my child will be given the greatest opportunity that his/her life has destined to become and that they are exposed to all that they need to fulfill that destiny?

If you can answer “No” to any of these questions keep reading. 

In the world and educational environment we live in today, we as parents, have a greater potential for our children coming out “messed up” by participating in certain public and private educational options which are available to our children outside of the home than by having us teach them personally.   We also have the privilege of hand picking their mentors in the very formative years of life 0-18.  These options are not something available to a child who is put into the public school setting.

We need to erase the “fear” out of our lives.  Having the courage to homeschool requires that you place fear aside, or confront it head on. 

  • My child won’t have any friends.
  • If my child won’t listen to me, will they listen to a “teacher?”
  • How will they get into college?
  • How will I know what they need to learn?
  • How will I socialize them?
  • What will I do with them all day?

This list can go on and on……

Step outside the box, be bold, go against the grain.  Do the best thing that you can possibly do for your child.  Give them an opportunity in life to explore, create, and to achieve all that they can in life.  That starts by you, the parent being in control of their education and letting go of the fear.  Looking for support?  Check out our website….