Examine your child’s learning style—homeschooling your child

May 16, 2014

Do you and your child clash? Are you concerned about homeschooling because your student is just so different from you? You’re not alone! Each student is different and this can prove challenging to teachers. As a homeschooler, however, you have the unique opportunity to find tools that match your child’s unique learning style.

There are basically 3 types of learning styles:

  1. Visually
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic

Visual learners have many of these strengths:

  • Have creative imaginations and love to draw colorful or detailed pictures.
  • Do better with the “Look-then-say” approach to learning to read.
  • Have an easy time remembering people’s faces, but have a hard time with names.
  • Have a strong preference for Art rather than Music.
  • Tend to be meticulous with their work.
  • May need to have an organized environment to be productive.
  • Learn best by seeing, or watching others do something before they try it themselves.
  • See the details of something before they see the whole picture.
  • May feel that reading about something is a very effective way to learn something new.

Auditory learners have many of these strengths:

  • Learn best by listening to instructions before they try it themselves.
  • Have strong vocabularies.
  • Will often be found talking to themselves when they’re working on a task.
  • May be easily distracted by noise around them.
  • Have a great eye for color.
  • Have a strong preference for Music rather than Art.
  • They benefit more from the phonics-based method of learning to read.
  • Have the desire to mix and match colors and patterns in their wardrobe, in the name of fashion.
  • Do better with the phonics approach to learning to read.

Kinesthetic learners have many of these strengths:

  • Have a great knack for taking things apart and putting them back together.
  • May be good dancers.
  • Love to be moving, going, and doing.
  • Have strong spelling skills.
  • Don’t like to sit still for long.
  • They’ll tend to fidget and touch things constantly.
  • Will touch or grab you to get your attention.
  • Excel rapidly in most sports.
  • Learn best if they are involved directly in whatever is being done.
  • Love to do models or build anything.

What type of learning style is your child?  If you are unsure and are looking for support from a homeschool community….click here https://www.myhomeschoolroadmap.com/