Homeschool for free!!

May 30, 2014

Grab up a homeschool curriculum magazine and you instantly become enthralled with all the latest and greatest learning tools out there.  Sure they look great, promise to educate your child, and by the way will cost you a pretty little penny.  But did you know that none of those resources are needed?  If you have access to a library or a computer, with a little work you can set yourself up for your own educational curriculum and start educating your child for FREE.

How do you go about doing that??  The internet is full of free online courses, resources, lesson plans, worksheets, videos, and games.  A quick search will produce thousands of results.  But what if you want something all organized and in some sort of form like you found in those great homeschooling curriculum magazines??  Then you need to take some time.  Take the time to build your own curriculum based on your child’s academic learning style.

Do a scope and sequence search for the grade level your child is in.  Know what topics you must cover in each age or grade level.  Then start searching. Usually the bigger curriculum companies will offer a scope and sequence of what your child will learn in each grade level. Check online.  That will give you a foundation and checklist of what it is you can teach your child.

Start out with a concept.  We will use addition.  Here is how you can teach them that within one week.

  1. Day 1. Start by showing your child a few objects.  Show them that if you have 2 apples and you add 3 more apples to them, then that gives you 5 apples.  Give them a few more mental questions along those lines to make sure that they understand the concept.
  2.  Day 2.  Print off a worksheet that has some pictures and numbers depicting an addition problem and let them solve.
  3.  Day 3. Go over more mental questions and choose an online game to reinforce the concept.
  4.  Day 4. Give them a basic math addition worksheet up to 5’s.  Show them how to solve them.
  5.  Day 5. Find an online math facts up to 5’s and let your child practice.

In a week’s time your child should be able to master basic addition up to 5’s.  If you see that they are struggling, give them more practice throughout the day.  That is it! Simple and easy.  Now continue on making the rest of your math curriculum.  Then choose other subjects to add to your homemade curriculum. 

Yes this takes time, but time is money.  If you do it once, document it and then you can pass along the information to another person to help them in their new homeschool walk.  Ask yourself what it is you are willing to do to be able to stay at home and spend your days with your child?  A little sacrifice of time, to put together something is well worth the investment into your child’s life. 

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