Homeschooling myths debunked

Jun 21, 2014

Despite the fact that there are millions of homeschoolers across America, it still goes against the “norm” for society.  Whenever you have something go against what is acceptable in society than you have certain ideals attached to what it means to be homeschooled.  Some of these might be true, but most of them are false.  Here we depict some of the top 10 homeschool myths.

  1. Homeschool children are NOT socialized.  Most children that are homeschooled are quite social.  They are involved in many  different extra curricular activities.  They usually have more time to volunteer and help out in real life adult situations.
  2. Homeschool children are socially inept.  The people you hang around the most you usually act like.  Homeschooled children interact with adults most of their days.  It means that your child will act more maturely than a child his/her age. 
  3. Homeschool grads are not prepared for the REAL world.  Most homeschooled children learn in real life situations.  They don’t just get text book learning, they get hands on real life learning.  They are usually better equipped in dealing with real life situations than a child who has only learned it from a text book.
  4. Homeschool parents are not “certified” to teach their children properly.  If you can read or write, you can teach your child.  If you need to learn more to teach, you learn along with your child.  No one can possible know everything about how to teach all the different kinds of children.  But it is easy to focus on one child and how he/she learns best.  You the parent know your child the best and can relate with him/her.
  5. Homeschool children are weird.  Sure most people who go against the grain are considered weird.  Look to the famous people in history and see how society considered them “weird.”  Thomas Edison was considered a little weird, until he changed the way America uses electricity.  Albert Einstein—another “weird’ person.  Who are you listening to that is considering what is weird and what is acceptable? 
  6. Homeschool children are lazy and don’t leave their homes.  One of the perks of homeschooling is that you can stay in your pajamas all day if you want to.  This is probably jealousy talking.  Everyone would much rather do school work, lying in bed then sitting at a hard desk.  And who wants to go out when the weather is cold or rainy?  The world needs to stay at home more and enjoy family and relaxation.  We don’t get enough of it.  Learn from the homeschoolers.
  7. Homeschool parents are extreme in their religion and want totally control over their children’s lives.  Most feel led by their religion to teach and train their children properly and by doing so others consider it controlling.  To each his own.
  8. Homeschool children take money away from public school programs.  Homeschool families pay property taxes which in turn pay schools.  To choose not to put their children in school actually saves the public school system, they still get their money but do not have to educate a child. 
  9. It can’t possibly be legal to homeschool without any testing or oversight from the government? In some states, Michigan for example has absolutely no laws for homeschooling.  You don’t have to test or keep any sort of records when it comes to educating your child.
  10. Homeschooled children must have a dipoloma or GED to be done with school.  A diploma is a piece of paper that states your child has completed his/her education.  How many times in your life (adults here) have you ever had to show your high school diploma to anyone?  Most employers will ask you if you have completed high school and you answer with “yes” and you can show proof by your typed home school diploma. 

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